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Our Law Library


The SAGC Law Library is an indispensable part of the State Attorney-General's Chambers. The law books and copies of legislation available in the SAGC Law Library are the essential working tools of the legal officers of the chambers. The SAGC Law Library provides the necessary reference materials to the legal officers in carrying out their day-to-day duties.

The Collection

The SAGC Law Library has a collection of about 6000 volumes consisting of law text books on various subjects, law reports, legal journals and periodicals, legislation and government Gazettes as follows:

The Legal Assistant

The SAGC Law Library is under the charge of a Legal Assistant. She is responsible for the safe-keeping of all the books in the library. She is required to enter into the catalogue the relevant particulars of all new books under the proper classification and place them in the proper order on the shelves. She is also required to update all State and Federal legislation including subsidiary legislation.

The Catalogue

The catalogue of SAGC Law Library is divided into three main parts. The first part is in the form of a classified index in which the titles of books are listed under subject headings, the second part list out materials in alphabetical order under authors' names and the third part consists of law reports, foreign and local legislation and miscellaneous periodicals. At present, the book-cards system of cataloguing is used in the SAGC Law Library. The Dewy Decimal Classification system is being introduced to replace the book-cards system gradually.

Borrowing Books

Since the SAGC Law Library is a departmental library which caters specially for the officers of the State Attorney-General's Chambers, it is, therefore, not open to members of the public. Other Government Ministries / Departments are allowed to borrow the books and other reference materials with written permission from the Legal Assistant for official purpose only. However, for local legislation, Government Ministries / Departments are expected to purchase their copies from the Government Printing Department.